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This site is intended to inspire you to "dance your dream awake" by practising Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms® ecstatic dance – with me, Jean (based in the Southwest of the United Kingdom), or with another certified teacher in your local area worldwide.

Are You Ready to Dance Your Dream Awake?

Many of us are living a fraction of the passion and aliveness that we could be. Caught up in routines, hemmed in by the roles we play, bound by convention and habit. Tired and emotional, lost in our heads and hypnotized by the virtual realities that take up more and more of our precious life time. There must be more to life!


All it takes is a little bit of willingness to let the body start to move and breathe freely and start to DANCE!

The 5 RHYTHMS provide the structure, offering you a very basic blueprint to guide you as you shuffle, stride, stumble, skip or slink your way onto the dance floor and start to discover the steps in your own unique dance.

In FLOWING you become aware of your body and its weight, allowing it to move in a fluid unfolding of circular movements as you settle into yourself and how you feel in the moment, saying yes to yourself and letting it flow . . .

In STACCATO you become aware of the beat of life and how it pulses in your body making lines and edges and shapes as you come out from inside and express yourself through clear, definite moves . . .

In CHAOS you surrender completely to the beat and let it take you over the edges and beyond the shapes into the free and wild dance that your body, heart and mind are longing for . . .

In LYRICAL you move and groove in the afterglow of your release, exploring and playing with the lightness of your soul, shifting shapes, having fun, entering trance, being awake and creative in the present moment . . .

In STILLNESS your breath and body begin to slow down and move in sync. Moving through honey, resting in shapes, your dance becomes a conscious moving prayer meditation that leads you further into an emptiness that feels full, a fullness that is nothing but space, a sense of oneness with everything.

Anybody can do this, there are no special skills required, simply your willingness and your desire to discover how beautiful and fulfilling your own dance is when you let it move.

In this practice, the dance floor is our learning ground for how we dance our daily life (our DREAM). We are learning who we are, what we are capable of and what matters to us, we are waking up out of the daydream of unconsciousness into awareness of the impact we are having on all of life all of the time, and I hope, learning to dance and live with LOVE
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