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About Jean

I love to dance. I’m no ballerina, and I’ve not had the patience to learn any of the myriad beautiful dance forms that exist, but with 5Rhythms, I found a way to dance that is completely my own, and that is deeply fulfilling and joyful. I believe everyone can dance; more than that, I believe that everyone needs to dance, and like breathing, eating and drinking, it’s an essential part of being human.

I love music. As a child and teenager, I played violin and other instruments. I studied music at school and was fascinated by the great composers and could only wonder at how they did what they did. I adored pop music too and did my fair share of hero worshipping my favourite idols, going to gigs and listening to my favourite albums again and again until I knew every word, every chord change, and every beat of the drum.

I had a talent for languages. Learning them was easy for me, and my career effortlessly took off in that direction and I became a simultaneous interpreter. It never seemed glamourous to me, although people were often impressed. It was just what I did to pay the bills.

I got curious and fascinated by the spiritual path. I lapped up the tales of Carlos Castaneda and others, and wanted to experience the magic of the multidimensional realities he described. So I signed up to an apprenticeship in native american inspired ceremonial medicine and learned how to connect directly with spirit through nature, the sweat lodge, and the ways of the sacred medicine pipe.

I found my way to the 5 Rhythms dance floor for the first time in the late 1990’s. I was amazed, delighted and hooked. Here was a place where they played fabulous music and I could dance the way I loved, without any of the nonsense that can go along with the clubbing or rave scene. I decided to study 5Rhythms intensively, and discovered there was much, much more to it than I first realised, and that here was a way to grow as a human and become my true self.

I trained to teach the 5 Rhythms with its creator, the wonderful Gabrielle Roth, and qualified in October 2008. It is my greatest pleasure now to share this practice with anyone who is called to dance with me. I love to witness the liberation people experience when they step out of the box of habitual pattern and into their own unique dance. I love to see people dancing themselves awake.