clearing the future

I just finished reading a book called Evolutionaries by Carter Phipps. It's an interesting read and brings together all the different ways evolution has been happening since, well, the big bang. The evolution of the cosmos, of biological life, of consciousness and culture . . . It's had a subtle but definite effect on my psyche. One that I like! He talks about "breaking the spell of solidity" and seeing the world with "evolutionary eyes".

How it feels is: the future is wide open, unshaped. Here I am, a transitional being in a transitional world in a transitional universe that is constantly changing, evolving and moving forwards . . . and at this point in evolution I am aware that I am part of this forward movement and know that I have the power and choice to take part in determining what is becoming. And while the past is always here and coming with me, moment by moment, the future is where I am going. 

How does it look? How does it feel? 

I'm finding the project of clearing the future a great motivator to do my practice:

Even with all of my personal and ancestral history, and with all of our collective history, I can say YES to the whole thing and dance on into the wide open space of the unshaped FUTURE!

Am I a bit slow? did everyone already realize this?!

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