I'm having a baby! ...oh goddess, I'm having twins!!

Just over one month to go until the birth of my new baby, the new monthly 5 Rhythms® dance for women only in Bristol ......the moondance!! ta dah!!

Inspired as I was by Chloe de Souza's wonderful full moon dances in London, and already well tuned into the moon's cycle by running monthly full moon sweat lodges for women here at home, I decided to start his new venture in Bristol.

I'm nervous about the birth, of course, who wouldn't be? But I have a lovely crew of helpers/midwives and lots of hope and inspiration for the most fabulous, full on dance of celebration for women of all ages and stages... and it's so exciting that our first dance will be on EASTER SUNDAY. I've called this one WILD RESURRECTION, because that is what is this dance practice means to me: it is a way to go for my own "virgin birth" and resurrect my body and my life in my own sacred image, which is truly a RESURRECTION!
Who else will be there that night?

and if that's not enough ... actually .... I'm having TWINS !!!

because full moon is a very special time for me, I am also starting a new journey group for women here at home called MOON SISTERS . This will be a journey in the Sweet Medicine SunDance way, with medicine wheel teachings, ceremony, nature walks, drumming and singing, sharing, caring and reflection. It will be cosy and intimate and a lot of fun. Each meeting will culminate in a deep purification in the sweat lodge. There will be seven of these meetings on Saturdays in 2012, here in the lovely setting of the Somerset Levels.

Moon Sisters on Saturday, Moondance on Sunday

Life is taking on a whole new rhythm . . .
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