5 Rhythms with Jean in June

Hello Everyone!

Greetings and love to all. This post contains info about 5 Rhythms events with me in June. Scroll down to the group/class/workshop you are interested in.


First: a big Thank You to my great team of helpers: Nick, Terry, Justine, Melanie, James, Bruce.
Having missed just one Monday at the Town Hall, it feels like ages, and I am already really excited to be back with you tomorrow night.
After that, I will be missing three mondays in a row! One for the bank holiday (NO CLASS ON JUNE 4!) and then two because I am going away to work at my "day job".
I generally avoid having to miss Mondays for any reason, but there has been less of my day job work for me this year so I have made myself more available for what there is of it, with the result that I will be away on 11 and 18 June. You will be well cared for, as ever, always with qualified 5 Rhythms teachers giving the class. I will also be gone for three Mondays in July while I'm at SunDance. So you have Bernadette, Leigh, Andrew and Neil to look forward to over the next couple of months.
If you ever want to know who is teaching on any given Monday, do check my website


dance floor

workshop venue
But I don't want to!!!
For so many of us, while we think we are 100% committed to our spiritual awakening and 100% engaging with the path and desire totally to dance our dream awake and know the freedom we sense that will bring . . . we may not be as aware that there is a part of us that really wants nothing of the sort! This can show up as "reasons" not to practice.

Gabrielle Roth made me laugh when she said "There are many reasons not to dance. They have one thing in common: they all suck!"

One thing I love about 5 Rhythms practice is that there is a lot of permission in the space. It is totally fine to show up feeling tired, moody, stiff, in pain, upset, overjoyed, heartbroken, tense, irritable, anxious, smug, self conscious, superior, inferior . . . the list of descriptions of the human condition is endless  . . . What is important is to Show Up. That's all. That's it. Show Up and Let It Move.

On SATURDAY JUNE 9th I am offering the last in my current series of day workshops here at the Court House in Long Sutton TA10 9NE.  This time it's called "DISAPPEAR INTO THE DANCE". It will be an opportunity to "show up and let it move" until "it" has all gone and there is nothing left but the dance; life moving perfectly in, around and all the way through us. 11am-5pm with a break for food rest and quiet in the garden.
Book by sending me an email. £10 deposit/entrance fee then a donation at the end of the day.


moondance altar
Women! The third Bristol MoonDance will take place on SUNDAY JUNE 10 in a NEW VENUE at a NEW TIME!
Room number 12 at St Werburgh's was really sweet, but way too small for where we are heading. Last time it was already overcrowded.
So . . . we are moving to the QUAKER MEETING HOUSE in HORFIELD (300 Gloucester Rd) at the later time of 7.45-10pm. £10. Yes, how weird is that, to be out, late, dancing on a Sunday night? Not weird at all I hope, more like really fantastic and I hope to see many many more of you women there. What we are discovering with the moondance is that we women find a different and precious freedom and release in our dance when it is "just us". Being empowered to be our natural, wonderful and amazing selves is good news for you guys too (trust me on that one) so men: send your sisters, girlfriends, mothers and daughters along!


welcombe mouth 13/5/12
 It's just wrong to put you at the bottom of the list: you dance so strongly in my heart!
I ADORE dancing in Welcombe, North Devon, and I love the group that is forming and consolidating so beautifully. Thank you so much to Kirstie and Pete for the support I feel personally from you and the welcome you offer to everyone. Thank you also to Martine for offering to bring along something yummy for us to eat with our cuppa after our next wave on SATURDAY JUNE 16. Kirstie has been baking her delicious brownies and flapjacks for us each month for a year now and we felt it was time for others to get a chance to extend their baking skills! So thanks Martine. And if you would like to be the one at a future wave, just let me know!


Jean x x x

Getting On With It

Last week I did a creative writing course with the Arvon Foundation.
Me and fifteen other wannabes (actually that's not fair, I might have been the only wannabe!) and two brilliant published authors sat together in a cosy barn for 5 days doing fun and mind-stretching exercises and writing stories! On the last night we each read a 5 minute piece to the whole group.
I think my proudest moment EVER (we're talking ever in my whole life!) was sitting reading my piece and seeing a Very Famous Prize Winning Novelist who shall, ahem, remain nameless, sitting bolt upright and rapt with attention, hanging on every word of my story!! That, and another Literary God whose work I adore, pointing out what was "brilliant" about my work.
I know I sound effusive and uncool, but I don't care! I want to use the F word it was so F***in' brilliant.
The group was really good fun, we had great laughs together and the tutors were unconditionally supportive of each of us.
I learned so much about the craft of writing and came to glimpse a little of the heartbreaking difficulties facing anyone seeking to create a work of literature.
I guess I thought writing a story/novel was something that some people just magically "knew" how to do. Now I've seen that I could learn to do it too. So much of it is about getting beyond writing as a form of self expression and into the more challenging place of creating something people would want to read. That, and just sitting down and Getting On With It.

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