5Rhythms Classes with Jean

What can I expect from a class? A 5Rhythms class is a place where people come to enjoy moving  their bodies to music in a way that leaves them feeling really alive, whole and at peace with themselves.

With the support of my guidance, you dance in your own way. Sometimes alone, sometimes with one or more partners, sometimes as part of a bigger group. There are no set moves to learn, and nothing to get wrong. I hope you will feel supported, encouraged and inspired to be yourself and discover the unique and beautiful Dancer that is inside each one of us. Yes, even you who don't think you can dance! Music is playing through most of the class. It is a bit like a journey. You will be amazed by the territory you will cover! But the destination is basically the same: back home to yourself.

Dress comfortably, in layers, and dance in bare feet or soft dance shoes. Bring a bottle of water to drink.

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