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Dance Awake Workshops

What is it to  dance awake? In 5Rhythms® practice, it means to take the journey from the head to the feet and make it physical. when the feet are awake and alive they will take us where we need to be; when the body is fluid and we are in the flow we can respond to situations with ingenuity and grace; when the heart is pumping and we feel our feelings we cannot help but be honest and real with ourselves ... our truth becomes clearer; when we dance and sweat so hard that the monkey mind cannot keep up we break out of our cage and into the big mind field where our intuition shows us exactly what we need to know; when our movement opens the door to the multidimensional here-and-now that is trance, we can explore the unknown and weave new patterns for our dreams with a lightness of touch and an open hand. As the wave reaches its still-point, we can rest in the breath of complete spaciousness and take our dance and our embodied presence even deeper.

Off the dance floor, to dance awake means to live in a state of expanded consciousness inside the ordinariness of our daily life.

Whoever we have been up to now, whatever our age, physical ability, emotional maturity, intelligence or spiritual experience, my sense is that we are all in a process of waking up. It started long ago and will continue for as long as we can imagine, certainly for the rest of our natural lives and probably beyond. Dance Awake is an enriching day of movement that will support you in your waking up.

Please bring water to drink and a light snack for lunch.
There are currently no Dance Awake workshops scheduled. Please join my mailing list if you want to be informed of upcoming dates!