Main Venues

The Glastonbury Town Hall
is right in the middle of town, next to the Abbey Grounds entrance. You can’t miss it. There’s also a car park right next to it.
The Court House is on the main A372 in Long Sutton, near Langport. If you are approaching from the East (from the A303, Somerton, Glastonbury or Yeovil), it is on the left after the Quaker Meeting House. There is a sign warning of concealed exit on the left, and that is the entrance to the Court House car park. If you approach from the West (Langport, Taunton, Bridgwater, M5 etc), then it is on your right, soon after a sign warning of bends in the road and pedestrians crossing ahead. The entrance comes after a long low building with green window frames. Turn into the car park. Come through the open gate and round to the door at the front of the house.