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MOONDANCE – 5Rhythms in Bristol for women only!

We women are by nature powerful magicians. In ancient (and modern!) earth cultures our moon time and menopause/wise elder years were known as times of special power and potential. Our bodies hold the mystery of creating and giving life. Old teachings say that not only can we make babies, but that we give birth to everything in our lives. As well as our physical children, our “children” include our own bodies, our homes, relationships, artistic creations, jobs, businesses, leisure activities, everything! Not all of us will have babies and raise a family. But we do all give birth and are mothers to ourselves and our lives.

Making friends with ourselves as powerful birthing women can change the quality of our life experience dramatically as we begin to define in our own terms how we wish to live, what children we desire to birth and nurture. Awakening the Dancer within is a beautiful way for any woman to learn to give birth to her own self. By dancing the 5 Rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness, we can learn to bring all parts of ourselves together and consciously give birth to our full power and beauty.

It is a simple and profound dance/movement meditation, that with regular practice can help us to become more authentically ourselves and find our natural way in life. Pleasure is a key to this journey! Joining together to dance with other women at full moon time creates a powerful sanctuary and cauldron of creation for us all to be nourished by. Women of all ages and experience are warmly welcome. Dress in comfy layers, bare feet or soft shoes and be prepared to sweat!

Women, let’s come together and dance!
Dancing is a radical act of self pleasure and connection with all that is sacred
For how long have you been dreaming of a better life and a better world?
Are you ready to dance your dream awake in pleasure?


There are currently no Bristol Moondance workshops scheduled. Please join my mailing list if you want to be informed of upcoming dates!